The Shanghai Set

Shanghai (PVG)

With its superpowered growth, Shanghai has, in under twenty years, turned itself into a modern, futuristic world capital. Wander along the Bund to marvel at the glassy monuments to economic momentum in Pudong, or meander through back streets to discover tasty morsels.

Even in the parks, where oases of greenery are punctuated by large reflecting pools, its impossible to miss how much the city has changed. With its ability to co-opt Western influences on China to create something uniquely Shanghainese, the city’s characteristics remind us that it is a crossroads of the world.

When you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, head to the outskirts where Zhujiajiao, an ancient village that escaped the turmoil of the last hundred years, serves as a lens to the past. With its serene canals, round stone bridges, and distinct architecture, it is the perfect place to leave behind the supermodern, if only for a day.

We love the idea of wearing Delta Tango in deep orange, Arctic Drift in grey, or Anvil Crawler in navy to drinks on a dizzyingly high roof or to dinner in the French Concession. 

The Shanghai Set can be purchased here.

You can get the set here before it takes off at the end of the month.

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