Courage, Passion, Independence. 

A Doppeldecker® (doubledecker) is a biplane. In open cockpits, courageous pilots flew biplanes in bad weather, over difficult terrain and in aerial combat.

Courage, Passion and Independence. The very American essentials of every airman.

We are the manufacturer of Doppeldecker® silk neckties and scarfs, polo shirts, T-shirts and sweaters.

You can view and purchase all our designs at:
Christina Cheng Design Store / Doppeldecker USA
158 Main Street
Port Washington, New York 11050, USA
T: (516) 883-5184


The Design Store Interior

Doppeldecker Corp.
158 Main Street
PO Box 1229
Port Washington, New York 11050, USA
T: (516) 883-5184
F: (516) 883-7597

Pan Am's Historic New York Base:

We are located on Manhasset Bay, the historic transatlantic seaplane base of Pan American World Airways. The great flying boats departed from here for Southhampton, England and Marseille, France.

100% pure silk:
Our pure silk ties are handmade. These exclusive ties feature creative and stylish designs, woven into the finest silk. Even the backing is silk, the lining is pure wool.

Crafted with pride:
Our sweaters and shirts are crafted in small numbers from 100% mercerized or combed cotton. Mercerized cotton is the most expensive cotton available. It has gone through a finishing process which adds luster, reduces shrinkage and improves the color fastness and strength of cotton.

Mercerized cotton. Easy care:
Machine wash cold wash, gentle cycle with a fine wash detergent. Dry flat. Dry cleaning is not necessary. Your sweater, polo or shirt will appreciate good care and reward you with a great appearance.