For millennia, with faces turned toward the heavens, humans have longed for the freedom represented by flight. From Leonardo da Vinci’s earliest sketches to the Wright brothers’ delicate constructions, the story of the last five hundred years has been one of striving and seeking and restlessness.

A doppeldecker (doubledecker) is a biplane. In open cockpits, courageous pilots flew biplanes in bad weather, over difficult terrain, and in aerial combat. They epitomized the bravery and glamor that would go on to define the aviation industry.

Today, from our base on Manhasset Bay, where Pan Am’s great flying boats departed for Southampton and Marseilles, we aim to capture the spirit of flight: freedom and the edge of possibility. Here at Doppeldecker, we equip the person who belongs everywhere and will go anywhere.


Crafted with pride:

Our 100% pure silk ties are handmade. These exclusive ties feature creative and stylish designs woven into the finest silk. Even the backing is silk, and the lining is pure wool.

Our scarves are also 100% pure silk, with unique silkscreened designs created to add a touch of luxury to every outfit.


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