Yes, you should wear a tie.

While men can get through life without wearing a tie, in many professions a tie is an absolute must if you want to get anywhere in your career.

Neckties have always symbolized order and professionalism, even rank.

If you wear a tie, you signal that you do not mind to stand out, that you are self-confident, that you are a leader. Ties enhance your influence and reflect your decision making power.

Of course, ties also look good.

Always go for silk ties, select the width and lenght according to your body shape.

Wearing a tie also shows your respect for your clients and colleagues.

By making the extra effort of carefully selecting a tie each morning, you signal that you care and that you take the time that you spent with other serious and as important.

When should you wear a tie?

For starters, for a job interview at a new place of work that encourages a more formal business dress. Stay on the safe side, be overdressed rather than underdressed. Once you got hired, keep up the good habit and keep wearing a tie. Show that you are serious about your new job and want to get ahead. Even though the dress code in an office may state a more relaxed wear, note that the higher ups, the bigger bosses, still wear a tie.

When meeting customers or clients, a tastefully selected silk tie is a must.

When meeting customers or clients, a tastefully selected silk tie signals that you repect your client, and that you are worth the money the client is spending on you.

Celebrate your family, friends and life with a tie.

In private life, you will find that dinners at fancy restaurants, family celebrations, get an extra touch by you dressing up - with a silk tie.

Set the style.

If your surroundings do not yet encourage men to wear a tie, maybe you are the one that can change the culture to a bit more formal and civilized. After all, the "no-tie" movement started in the late 70s with the Iranian revolution. Not to wear a tie was an anti Western statement. Reason enough to be proud of our way of life - and wear a good looking, tasteful tie.

Why wear a tie because Iran Air pilots do not wear a tie

Iran Air pilots do not wear a tie since the Iranian revolution of the late 70s.

Maybe a good reason to wear a tie and support our Western values. Like these Lufthansa pilots.

Lufthansa A380 pilots wear a silk tie