How to choose a gift.

Is there anything more stressful than picking the perfect fit? We don't want to choose at random and risk sending a message that we don't care. We've put down some questions you can ask yourself to help you in your search.

1. Who are you shopping for?

The best part of receiving a thoughtful gift might be knowing that someone took the time to pick something that they thought you would like. It suggests that there is a level of comfort and intimacy in the relationship. So, if you're picking out a gift to thank your mother for all she has done for you, consider who she is in all the facets of her personality and her history. You want her to not only see herself in your choice, but how you see her.

2. What is your relationship?

What are the memories or traditions or inside jokes you share? A gift that connects to the wider net of your relationship strengthens the bond you already have. As much as you are reflecting the recipient, you are also reflecting on who she is to you and who you are to her — in effect, capturing your relationship with her.

It's also worth considering what sort of tone you want to strike. For a holiday like Mother's Day, we like sincerity in gratitude, but a light-hearted gift paired with something more meaningful and more reflective of your deeper feelings can be appropriate as well. Take this opportunity to be vulnerable and genuine.

3. What feels most authentic?

At the end of the day, a gift can be perfectly tailored to a person's hobbies or preferences, but fall flat if it lacks authenticity. Getting a soccer jersey with her favorite player’s number for your sommelier friend with whom you’ve spent hours dissecting the ins-and-outs of the Premier League instead of a lovely bottle of riesling shows that you value the time you spend together. It is a way to strengthen your relationship. And aren't the memories the best part of gift giving?

The golden moment

The moment of giving the gift, of seeing the recipient's face light up as they tear aside the wrapping paper, makes all the reflecting and pondering worth it. The gift becomes a milestone in your relationship and a meeting point in the many roads you have travelled together.

We can’t wait for this moment for you.