How to tie a tie and silk tie care.

Some knots we recommend

There are several ways to tie a tie. Our silk ties look good with any of these knots:

But feel free experiment! After all, who's going to tell you you're wrong?

How to store silk ties

Always untie the knot after wearing your silk ties. Ties like to be stored flat or rolled up. Good air circulation keeps your valuable silk ties crisp and fresh. If you need to store your ties hanging, make sure that they are not on top of each other and that they have enough space to breathe.

How to pack silk ties for travel

When packing for travel, roll the ties up beginning from the thin end. This minimizes unwanted wrinkles so you can spend more time at dinner and less time steaming.

How to get rid of wrinkles in silk ties

After wearing your tie, roll it up from the thin end. This protects the tie from folds and wrinkles. If there are some anyway, do not iron the tie flat. To protect the carefully handcrafted shape of your tie, use the steam from a steam iron without actually touching the tie. If you don't have a steam iron, e.g. in a hotel room, relax wrinkles by hanging the tie in your bathroom after a hot shower. After 10 to 15 minutes, the remaining steam should have released any wrinkles. Efficient and effective.

How to clean silk ties

While many dry cleaners do a good job of cleaning, not all know how to keep your favorite tie in shape when ironing. The best cleaners carefully open the seams in your tie, and sew them again by hand after cleaning and pressing. Always check with your preferred dry cleaner what their process is before entrusting your beloved tie to their care.

Most importantly, enjoy your tie!

A good tie makes each day and each event special. It reflects your mood and your spirit. A carefully selected tasteful silk neck tie will enhance your day with the knowledge that no matter where you are, you look good.

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