The classic power-dressing move, adding a tie elevates every suit, especially if the tie is 100% silk and features unique, sophisticated designs woven into the fabric. Our ties are for those who know that you don't have to make an entrance for everyone to know you're there, and those who like making an entrance anyway.

doppeldecker design designer aviation aircraft silk tie atlantic crossing transatlantic
The Atlantic Crossing Set
$149.00 $255.00
doppeldecker design aviation aircraft airplane pocket square tie silk bermuda
The Bermuda Set
$99.00 $165.00
The Best of Britain Set
$149.00 $255.00
doppeldecker design london t-6 texan p-47 md-11
The London Set
$149.00 $255.00
The Monaco Set
$99.00 $200.00
shanghai 5
The Shanghai Set
$149.00 $255.00
The Sicily Set
$109.00 $225.00