How to tie a bow tie.

Tie a bow without getting all knotted up

Tying a bow tie can be quick and easy. Follow these simple steps and see graphic below:

  1. Start with the righthand end, extend 1.5 inch below the lefthand end.
  2. Cross longer end over shorter end.
  3. Pass the longer end up through the loop.
  4. Form the front loop of the bow by folding the shorter end.
  5. Pull down the longer end over the front loop.
  6. Place the loop of the bow across the collar.
  7. Hold the bow between your thumb and forefinger. Pull the longer end half way through the loop behind the bow creating a second loop.
  8. Even the ends and tighten the bow. Adjust as necessary.


how to tie a bow tie instructions

Step 9: Enjoy!

Bow ties are a classic and polished addition to any outfit. With our sophisticated patterns, you can make a statement without saying a thing. Enjoy every moment with the confidence that comes with looking put together.

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