Father's Day Gifts.

Tahiti airpor twith my pilot father after MD11F flight from LAX

Growing up with a pilot for a father made the airport and airplanes a second home. There was no greater thrill than buckling myself into my seat on a flight and hearing my father introduce himself as the captain over the public address system. With him in the captain's seat, he opened up my world beyond the boundaries of the suburban town I grew up in. I saw the world from the edge of the atmosphere, and marveled at how it was at once huge and small. When he came home from a flight, it was with stories of places I wanted to visit. I remember he returned once with a medallion from Mexico City. Ten years later, he took me to see the city itself, opening up yet another folded up part of the world. Fathers have always broadened their children's horizons. Pilot fathers do the same, and show their children just how wide that horizon is.

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