The Bermuda set

Bermuda (BDA)

Not many locales have both a swashbuckling history and serious heft in the financial services world. Bermuda's location on the trade routes between the East Coast of the United States and Europe, the dangerous shoals and rocky outcroppings protecting it, and the cedar trees ideal for shipbuilding made it an attractive haven for pirates. Today, Bermuda is an attractive haven for busy East Coasters looking for a relaxed weekend getaway, and a bustling center for the insurance industry.

On land and in the water, Bermuda has historical treasures to discover. The unusual architecture, perfect for collecting rainwater and withstanding hurricanes, is part of the joy of the island. Between rows of salmon colored homes with white step roofs, one finds sprawling estates featuring dreamy verandas and wide windows and ominous, forbidding forts with cannon. In the water, reminders of the infamous Bermuda Triangle abound in the multitude of shipwrecks that serve as a record of a dramatic maritime history.

The island delivers on understated, sophisticated elegance. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (featuring sand that shows off pink tints at dawn and dusk), sweeping vistas across the Atlantic, and lush greenery, it's the perfect place to spend a weekend (maybe a week? maybe two?) exploring the overgrown paths and numerous caves, diving or slipping into the warm, turquoise water, and burying your toes in the sand with a book in one hand an ice cold cocktail in the other.

Get in the Bermuda mood with our set, and let the mysterious island capture your imagination.

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You can get the set here before it takes off at the end of the month.

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